The Elusive MILF

Stacy’s Mom surfed the internet for high school boys.

Jeanine_Reunion_01It was less than a month after I turned eighteen. I started looking to do something like this when I was somewhere around 16, the Fountains of Wayne song, ‘Stacy’s Mom’ playing in my head. The day I turned eighteen, maybe the day after, I made myself a dating profile on an “adult” dating website advertising casual hook ups.

I put a great deal of thought into the profile. I decided what I was looking for in an older woman, and I took some rather risqué pictures of myself, to put on the site. They are probably still there, props if you can find them. It was quite the endeavor. In fact, I did not even have a debit card at the time to pay for the profile so I actually had to take a trip down to the 7 Eleven in town to buy a prepaid debit card to sign up for the site with. After making the profile I sat down to find what I was in search of. The elusive MILF. Continue reading “The Elusive MILF”